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Flavours For Soft Drink

Concept Flavours & Fragrances Private Limited is a leading company in the manufacture of an extensive spectrum of flavors for soft drinks. Our main concern is to maintain the engaging taste and hygience of the products as per the industrial norms and standards. Flavours For Soft Drinks Our flavors pertain to the global market and are in great demand owing to the great taste and purity.
Some of the flavors that We are offered:
» Cola
» Fruity Cola
» Orange
» Mango
» Litchi
» Pineapple
» Lime
» Lemon

Flavours For Alcoholic Drinks

Concept Flavours are a manufacturer and supplier of excusite Aroma and Flavor for alcoholic beveragesin the Indian as well as the Foregin market. Our technologically advanced infrastructureensures that we produce high quality flavors that are used in alcoholic drinks like Rum,Gin, Whisky, Vodka, Beer, Brandy and Cocktails.Concept Flavours also make sure that the ingredientsused in the production of these flavors are only of high standards so that they are ofunparalled standards.Flavour For Country Liquor We offer our clients flavors from a broad spectrum ofproducts. These flavors are completely safe for consumption and are prepared to give themtheir distinct and engrossing taste and aroma. Before delivering the products to ourclients our quality experts check these stringently in our facilities.Flavours For Liquors (IMFL)We offer a wide range of flavoring essence for Liquors (IMFL). Our group of expertprofessionals ensures that we offer only the best in the industry. Their wide knowledgeand in-depth research is the backbone of our success in the liquor market. We believe inusing only high quality substances while manufacturing our products and this has been oursecret success mantra for years.We manufacture, supply and export the following flavorsfor alcoholic beverages:
» Rum
» Rum Jamaica
» Rum Blend
» Whisky
» Whisky Blend
» Brandy
» Cognac Brandy
» Gin
» Peat
» Impromel

Dry Mix Flavors / Seasoning Flavours

Concept Flavours have varied dry mix flavors to be sprinkled on snacks, savouries and goodies. Thesegive the right amount of zing to the food items and are very appealing to the humanpalate. Along with this Concept Flavours also offer liquid flavors that can be mixed with the doughbefore frying.Dry Powder Flavours For Snacks And Extruded Foods We offer our clients a wide variety ofseasoning flavors to choose from. These include both the dry mix flavors that can bedirectly sprinkled over snacks as well as liquid seasoning flavors that can be mixed withthe dough before frying. Our clients appreciate our wide range of flavors for theirdistinctive taste and aroma.

Flavours For Tobacco Products
Concept Flavours offer quality assured flavors for use in Tobacco products and they are both alluringin taste and safe for use. Our flavors are of a wide range, conforming to globalstandards. These are tested inhouse that have a very strong Infrastructure to ensure thatwe provide only the best.Tobacco Products Flavours Concept Flavours offer three main tobacco flavorsthat are distinct in taste and aroma. This is ensured by the different composition of the flavors and treatment of these flavors.

Fragrance - Personal Care
Along with different flavors and aroma Concept Flavours offer the consumers a number of other productslike Fragrance for Soaps and Toiletries, Room freshners, Fragrance for Perfumes,Detergent Fragrances, Fragrance for Incense and Home Product fragrances. We useingredients which fall under FEMA & IFRA List to insure that the fragrances are safe to be used in the end products for external application without any side effects orirritation.Some of the fragrances made by us in this category are:Fragrance For Soaps And ToiletriesSoap and Toiletries fragrances prepared by us come in a wide range. Concept Flavours make sure that theingredients are mild and are of high quality so that they are safe on the human skin. Thefragrances are captivating and charming to the human senses. We offer our products to thesoap and cosmetics industry.
The various scents available:
» Sandal
» Rose
» Cologne
» Musk
» Lavender
» Lemon
» Cucumber

Industrial Fragrance

Concept Flavours is a premier enterprise in the manufacture of Industrial Fragrance and our clients are always satisfied with the quality of ourwork. After years of hardwork we have come up with wide collection of IndustrialFragrances that are absolutely unique and gentle. Concept Flavours have put special attention to thefact that these are completely harmless to the skin, hands and garments.Concept Flavours provide fragrances for use in the production of Incense, Floor Cleaners, Stain Removers,Detergents and Detergent Cakes.
Fragrance For Agarbatti The scent of the agarbathi and incense stick are alluring and appealing to the human senses. Andto top it they are completely non-toxic and harmless as they are made with eco-friendly compounds. Our products are highly appreciated and are in great demand with our clients based both in India and abroad.
The fragrances offered by us:
» Vanilla
» Chocolate
» Aloe Vera
» Avocado
» Orange
» Blueberry
» Absinth
» Cherry
» Chamomile
» Citronella
» Peach
» Coconut
» Eucalyptus
» Strawberry
» Myrrh
» Opium